Selling at Bubs Bazaar Baby & Kids Market


Thank you for your interest in our markets and wanting to sell here.

Before booking with Us- please read the info below and check our documents of  'Terms & Conditions' and 'Seller Info' first.


We are a predominantly pre-loved/ second hand market for baby and kids goods only- ages O to 8. But we welcome businesses too.


If you have Pre-loved items for sale then you can simply go ahead and book a stall on our booking site. Pre-loved stalls are $55.00.

But before you book, we invite you to read the 'Seller's Info' which contains everything you need to know about selling at our markets, set-up, times, about your items for sale and much more to ensure you have smooth sailing on the day.


If you have New, handmade, imported or manufactured items for sale or offer services we will classify you as a 'Business Seller'.  

We welcome our parentrepreneurs to participate at our markets.

The best ideas have sprung from stay home parents that come up with with great products and inventions so well needed.

From simply beautifully designed clothing to elaborated and practical garments or accessories like bags, slings, hair bands, nursery items, things that improve the daily tasks like feeding or sleeping aids or even toys, books and learning tools there is no limit to parental imagination on handcrafted to imported goods that are not found usually found in stores.

The Bubs Bazaar Baby & Kids Market is a great place to test your product or service on offer and, more importantly then selling on the day, is the first contact made with potential customers and feedback gained.


In order for us to control what 'businesses' are offering, to have only  baby & kids related products and not to have duplicate new items on the day, you must apply with your product or service first before booking a stall. Stall hire is $110.00.

To apply, simply email your business info; name, product or service with pictures of product to: .

Once approved you can go ahead and book online. You do not need to have an ABN or Business Registration in order to sell or offer your products or service at our market but you will need a license for any goods or services this would be required for.

If you have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us and we are happy to assist.

So please have a read at our 'T&C for Businesses' and also the 'Seller's Info' document.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you might have.

The BB Team